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The Genco Stand

Stand up for the Stones namecheck

Did you contribute to the Stand up for the Stones fund?

If you did, your name will be appearing on an honours board, which will be unveiled inside the stadium in the next few weeks.

Before it’s signed off, we want to make sure that everyone who donated is included. Please check the list below and let us know if:

a. You contributed but your name is not listed
b. There is an error with the spelling of your name

A Parker
Aaron Dennis
Abby and Poppa Chapman
Ade Soutter
Adrian Checkley
Alan Beale
Alan Stewart
Alastair Deards
Alf Purnell
Alison Leigh
Amy Browne 🙂
Andre Essen
Andree Stockley
Andrew Arnold
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Baxter
Andrew Dixon
Andrew Elliott
Andrew Nuttall
Andy & Luke Reeves
Andy Bosworth
Andy D
Andy Devlin
Andy Hay
Andy Hunt
Andy Moore
Andy Padgham
Andy Russell
Andy Shepherd
Annie Brockway
Arthur Clarke & Christine Dowle
Austin Byrne
Barry Edwards
Barry Ward
Bary Bish
Ben Austen
Ben McGannan
Bernard Hart
Bev Beale
Bev Buckley
Bill Stead
Bill Williams
Bob Foster
Bob Haward
Bob Kennett
Brian & Allan Reynolds
Brian Gibbons
Brian Simons
Bryan Powell
Bryan Wells
Bryan, Angela & Amber Reed
Buddy & Urban Hay
Cameron & Austin Price
Cameron Decorators
Cameron Thomas
Carol Brockway
Celia Thornhill
Charles Elliott
Chris Bechervaise
Chris Catt
Chris Hammond
Chris Harding
Chris Spice
Christopher Webb
Clive Vero
Colin Trelfer
Colin Woodcock
Cottage Family
Damon Williams
Danny Cleugh
Daphne Hart
Darren Styles
Darren Tong
Dave Machin
Dave Usborne
David and Charlie Wagstaff
David Clark
David Hesketh
David Keeler
David Machin
David Ring
David Simpson
David Sleight
David Usher
David Yates
Denis Hayward
Derek Alder
Duncan Lewis
Dutton Debbie
East Stand Generosity 27/8/16
Ed & Ben Sewell
Ellie Porter
Ernie Munn
Exodus – Thanks Fred
Frank Stubbs
Geoff King
Geoff, Luke, Jamie Sands
Geoffrey Samme
Gillian Graham
Gillian Wlodarski
Glynn Vaughan
Graeme Bridgland
Graham Andrew
Graham Mills
Graham Vick
Grant Parker
Guy Baker
Haynes Family
Hugh Gilham
Ian & Dan Shadwell
Ian Cawley
Ian McCamley
Ian Shaw
Ian Tucker
In memory of John Padgham
Ivan Spikin
Jackie Adams. Thank you to everyone here!
Jacqui and Phil Evans
James & Sheena
James and Sammi Dickman
James Gibson
Jan Sansom
Jason Fuller
Jason King
Jeff Lewis
Jill Williams
Jock Campbell
John Bland
John Ford
John Lamb
John Millard
John, Alison & Tom White
Jonathan King
Judie Sweatman
Kana Cook
Katie Hunt
Keith Adkinson
Keith Amey
Keith and Pat Chapman
Keith Chapman
Keith Hoffman
Keith Lane
Keith Lewis
Ken Puttman
Kent PAT Testing & Electrical Supplies Ltd
Kevin and Janie White
Kieran Lee
Langdon Foster
Lee Abbott
Lee Branchett
Leigh Whitehead
Leonard Samme
Les Apps
Lesley Hughes
Linda Harrild
Lorraine Humm
Lots of quiz nights
Loz Fry
Luke O’Sullivan
Maidstone & Mid Kent Sunday League
Maidstone Boys Primary League
Maidstone Referees
Maidstone Web Design
Malcolm Thornhill
Malcolm Ward
Mark Priddis
Mark T
Mark Tyler
Mark Whitehead
Martin Goldsmith
Matt ‘Laters’ Hall
Matthew Bruce
Matthew Porter
Max & Ollie Aston. Hannah & Joel Flaherty. Good luck Stones!
Max Martin
Michael Barton
Michael Bull
Michael Shea
Mike Birke
Mike Bushnell
Mr & Mrs Lawrence
Mr Garrett
Mrs A L Muir
Neil Taylor
Neville Gallagher
Nick Hart
Nick Kennett
Nicole Barnes (95-08) – Supporting the Stones from afar
Norman Coppock
Pat Hill
Paul & Louise Harper
Paul and Geoff Edmed
Paul Baldock
Paul Bond
Paul Furst
Paul Garner
Paul Gilbert
Paul Green
Paul Kilminster
Paul Parkinson
Paul Wimsett
Paul Wright
Pete Hawkins
Pete Norris
Peter & Carol Gooch
Peter Barnes – Proud to be helping the Stones build for the future
Peter Brundle
Peter Clark
Peter Davies
Peter Martin
Peter Verrell
Peter William Giles
Peter, David, and Mark Rees
Phil ‘COYS’ Butler
Philip Anderson
Philip Craddock and Alex Craddock
Philip Sayer
Phillip Lerwill
Ray Mepstead
Richard & Kathy Boniface
Richard Boniface
Richard Fryer
Richard Young
Ricky Holloway`Holly`
Rifle Volunteers
Rob Amey
Rob Sands
Robert Pankhurst
Robert Ruffle
Roger Bennett
Roger Delves
Roger Wickens
Ronald Stockley
Ronnie McKinley
Ross Sauvage
Russ Card
Sean Brennan
Sean Scurr
Shaun Dean
Simon Daniel
Simon Jones
Stephen Rixon
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Wintle
Steve and Helen Terrell
Steve Brawn
Steve Rose
Steve Wood
Stewart Edmed
Stewart Smith
Stuart Potter
Stuart Shaw
Sue Adkinson
Terence Graham
Terry Night
Terry Whent
The Holden Family
The Morgan Family
The Smiths x4
Thomas Fryer (aka The Monopoly Man)
Tim and Pat Jefferson
Tim Murrell
Tim Porter
Tim Wilkins
To Matt and Harry. Best Wishes, Andrew. Up the Stones!
Tom Foulds
Tony Verrell
Trev Bonett
Trevor Brockway
Trevor Samme
Trevor Skinner

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