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Dan Wishart

Vanarama Team-Mates: Dan Wishart

Dan Wishart dishes the Gallagher Stadium dressing room dirt! League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors… so what lies behind?

You can choose three team-mates to go on a road trip with – who do you pick to jump in the car and why?
Jake Cole for his DJing skills. Matt McClure for his one liners and banter and big George Elokobi purely for the Premier League stories!

But who is the one you wouldn’t let near in the car?
Lewis Knight. The guy is a wrong’un – an absolute wrong’un. Can’t say too much!

Which player would you not let touch your car stereo?
All the boys are up to date with music to be fair.

Which player turns lateness into an art form?
Justin Amaluzor just doesn’t understand the meaning of early.

Who is most likely to become a manager when their playing days are over?
George Elokobi. He is natural leader.

But which one is the least likely to do the job?
That has to be Iffy Allen.

Who’s the dressing room joker at the Gallagher Stadium?
The dressing room joker is me – but the dressing room clown is Lewis Knight!

Which player is a grump when it comes to team banter?
Nana Kyei. He hates it!

Who spends the longest in front of the mirror after games?
Sam Corne. He leaves not a single hair out of place.

So which player is the teacher’s pet?
Matt McClure loves being busy and answering questions.

Who would you say is your best mate at the club?
Jake Cole and Matt McClure. The car school – in fact the strongest car school at the club.

Best trainer in the squad?
I am of course.

….But who is the first off the training ground?
Lewis Knight. Trampoline foot!

Finally who’s got the most annoying habit?
Jacob Gilbert, he loves lying!

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