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I’m a season ticket holder where’s my password?

These will be sent out throughout Tuesday 6th October. Please bear with us – it will arrive before kick off!

Can I watch the stream later in the day?

Unfortunately we are unable to show the Stones Box Office stream on a delay due to an embargo in place for league matches, which prevents the club using any match footage until 12.01am on Monday for Saturday matches and 10pm the following day for midweek matches.

Can I watch the stream if I live abroad?

Yes, there’s no restrictions in place to prevent the club from streaming matches to other countries.

Can I watch the stream on more than one device at a time?

If the device is on the same network, yes. If you try and watch on a different network to the one the stream was originally bought on (or if your IP address has changed in that time) an email will be sent to you with a two-factor authorisation code that will need to be entered to watch on the new network/IP address. Once that code is entered the stream will stop working on the previous network/IP.

I haven’t received my password?

Please check junk/spam folders, as some have ended up there. If you’re still struggling to locate it send an email to

Will there be commentary?

Yes there will! Fred Atkins from Stones Live will be on point for the Welling game.

Will there be replays?

Basic replays yes. Whilst we don’t have the full 16 camera setup in the ground with multiple outside broadcast trucks parked behind the Gallagher, we are confident you will enjoy the quality of our stream and the instant slow motion replays for goals.

Will you still be providing highlights?

Our usual match highlights, will be available on Monday for Saturday matches.

Which matches will you be covering?

As it currently stands we will be able to stream every home league match. Cup and Trophy games TBC.

What time will coverage start?

We are aiming to start the Stones Box Office stream 15 minutes before kick-off


Issues with the Stream.

The password. Is that an I, l or 1?

The passwords use an uppercase i “I”. No an L or 1!

Why is the commentary coming out of my left speaker, stadium noise right?

In order to get commentary we’ve plugged a mic straight into the camera, because of this it occupies one of the sound channels, there’s also a mic pointing at the pitch for ambient noise hence the left and right split. Unfortunately this is the lesser of two evils. When we were doing it via an audio desk the audio appeared on stream a few seconds ahead of video! It’s a quick fix for now and one we’re looking to address ASAP.

Two actor authentication, you what now?

As with all passwords check your spam. You can only watch the stream on one device at a time. If you get a message for two factor authentication you’ll get another password email. Put this password in the required field. It’ll activate the stream on this device and close it on previous.

It keeps buffering?

This could be down to a multitude of issues so it’s hard to fire fight exactly. We’ve triple checked the stream we’re sending out and it’s perfect. Our provider has been notified and assured us they are implementing upgrades to eradicate any issues their side – a lot of National League clubs are “suddenly” using them – all at the same time.

We believe issues for the first 10mins of Welling were mainly weight of traffic trying to log on last minute, our viewers tripled in the space of 20secs at kick off. Like the real thing, log in early and leave it running whilst you sort out your pie/drink – avoid the rush!

Things we’ve done our end to help out;

  • We’ve dropped the resolution slightly for the Hemel match.
  • We’ve added a 30 second broadcast delay to help the server process data / cover “drops” rather than broadcast as live.

We hope this will speed up / smooth out the transfer of data between service providers and you.

Things you can do your end;

  • If you can, watch from a wired device. Streaming live sports is always temperamental, even from the biggest providers like NowTV. You could be on the fastest connection, but if you are using wifi you are introducing a bottleneck. Think of the wifi signal like waves hitting a shore, some waves are bigger than others. The data from your router will be transmitted to your device like that. Some packets of data will be bigger than others – if you get hit but a few “small waves” your stream might dry up. As such if you can, ALWAYS go wired. We appreciate this isn’t possible for everyone – but it’s the single biggest step you can take if there’s an option use it.
  • Close down any other applications you are using. If your computer is performing a bunch of other tasks or running many programs at the same time, it might not have the capacity to stream video flawlessly. Even if the other applications are running in the background, doing nothing or minimised, they still consume system resources.
  • Likewise if you’ve not the strongest wifi, is anyone else in the house using it? Netflix on the main TV, gaming in a bedroom? That’ll all have a detrimental effect, especially if your internet isn’t the fastest.
  • Clean up your browser settings. The problem might be on your local computer, and in your web browser in particular. Browsers maintain a local cache for sites you previously visited. When you revisit a website, the browser checks the cache; if the local content is current, it loads from there rather than downloading it. The problem? Your browser can get overloaded with temporary and cached data that slows it down.
  • Reset & Upgrade your router. People tend to set up a Wi-Fi router and then forget about it. But routers need regular maintenance as well. Check with your manufacturer for firmware updates. Also, it doesn’t hurt to do a hard reset once in a while. Pull the power cord on the router, count to 10, then plug it back in.