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Stand Up for the Stones

Stand up for the Stones is your opportunity to celebrate the club’s promotion to the National League and contribute towards the cost of building a new 1,700 standing terrace at the north end of the Gallagher Stadium.

Below are messages from people who’ve supported the campaign…


Paul Wimsett, Devon

COYS! Great to see the club move forward so positively!

Ed & Ben Sewell, Rochester


Phillip Lerwill, Marden

Brilliant stand, love it. Well done to everyone, I’m so proud to support Maidstone.

Pat Hill, Maidstone


Ben McGannan, Maidstone

With thanks to Terry, Oliver and Bill and everyone else at the club for making an impossible dream come true.

Haynes family, Maidstone


Andy Bosworth, Maidstone

Good Luck to our wonderful local club; entertaining and impressing as you grow from strength to strength.

Cottage family, Snodland


Russ Card, Maidstone

Love the new stand, great view, fantastic atmosphere.

Gillian Wlodarski, Maidstone

We’ll keep growing stronger

Pete Hawkins, Hextable

To the grace, hard work and financial backing of our owners, Terry Casey and Oliver Ash, we will now be the pride of Non-League football in Kent, with this 21st century style new stand !! Wishing old and new supporters many years of success for our club and town of Maidstone Football Club!

Andre Essen, Ashford

Come on You Stones. Onwards and Upwards

Sean Brennan, Orpington


Pete Norris, Maidstone

Come on you Stones, new stand looks great.

Geoff, Luke, Jamie Sands, Maidstone

COYS, you’re well worth it.

Abby and Poppa Chapman, Maidstone

Here’s to new heights.

Paul Baldock, Maidstone

15 more points…

Chindarella, West Malling


Max Martin, Maidstone


James Gibson, Sittingbourne

Happy times at Maidstone United. Let’s keep this amazing ride going. Come on you Stones!

Chris Bechervaise, Buckinghamshire


Alf Purnell, Croydon


Steve Wood, West Malling

Looking forward to the view.

Tim Murrell, Maidstone

I’ll make a donation every time we win. Hopefully I’m broke by April.

Chindarella, West Malling

Seeing the stand taking shape has prompted me to donate to such a great cause. COYS!!!

Mark Tuffield, Bexleyheath

Seeing it taking shape has prompted me to donate again! This time in memory of my dear old dad, former volunteer worker, safety officer at Wat St, lifelong Stones fan and old mucker of Bill, John Padgham. He didn’t get past 2008 so missed it by 4 years. How he would have loved the last 4, like his grateful son! Hope you can somehow see what this great club has become. COYS!!!

Andy Padgham , Rochester

Maidstone til I die

Ade Soutter, Biddenden

Good luck from Debbie LUFC Marching on together xx

Dutton Debbie, Dutton

The Beales supporting the Stones!

Bev Beale, Maidstone

Just give it your best lads

Andy Moore, Maidstone

Come on you Stones

Mark Tyler, Maidstone

Happy to make a contribution to a great family club. Also to support our brilliant owners, management and team.

Ronnie McKinley, Minster on Sea


Tim Wilkins, St Leonards on Sea

Good luck Maidstone! Let’s get you back in the league where you belong!

Robert Sands, St Leonards on Sea


Glynn Vaughan, Maidstone

Can’t believe we are looking to build a magnificent stand like this already. When the stadium first opened, I would have been happy with a small terrace but this is something else. Owners deserve all the help they can get because their work and commitment has helped to put Maidstone back on the map again!

Ben Austen, Maidstone


Michael Palmby, Maidstone

Glad to help support my hometown club, keep up the great work Maidstone! Looking forward to visiting the Gallagher again later in the season & also once the new stand is built! Come On You Stones!

Jack Brokenshire, Maidstone


Peter and Carol Gooch, Maidstone


Jason Fuller, Maidstone

I hope this relatively small contribution will help make the stadium even better than it is now. COYS.

Bryan Wells, Polegate

In memory of a good friend and avid Maidstone fan. Proud to be a supporter, well done and good luck to the team and everyone involved, COYS!

Loz Fry, Aylesford

Come on you Stones.

Jonathan King, Maidstone

Onwards and Upwards.  Come on you Stones.

Peter Verrell, Maidstone

Just the start.

Roger Delves, Maidstone

Fantastic team, fantastic supporters. Magical ground and soon to be more magical with new stand. COYS!

Derek Alder, West Kingsdown

Let’s get the stones back where they belong – in the football league!

Leigh Whitehead, West Malling

Great initiative to get the fans involved even more in this great club!

Trevor Skinner, Maidstone


Andy D, Maidstone


Stuart Shaw, Maidstone

Come on you Stones – let’s make it to the EFL.

Buddy & Urban Hay, Maidstone

Back home where you belong. COYS.

Alison Leigh, Maidstone

This is a great family club with a super team and manager that is going places. We need the stand to make it happen. Let’s hope we can raise the money and the stand as soon as possible! COYS!

Alastair Deards, Maidstone


Peter Clark, Maidstone


Ian McCamley, Maidstone

Good luck reaching the target and the football league!

Mark Whitehead, West Malling


Mark Priddis, Maidstone

Yet one more step in the rise and rise of the Stones from the ashes of 1992. Back where we belong, in Maidstone in National League. Fantastic! I cannot wait to see another piece of the stadium development jigsaw in place! COYS!!!

Andy Padgham, Rochester

Donations totalling £95 from the fans along the east terrace before the Forest Green match.

Stones fans, Gallagher Stadium

Bringing us together as a family. We love you Maidstone.

The Smiths x4, Aylesford


Philip Anderson, Aylesford

Bought a brick, bought a seat, proud to support the new stand. COYS!

Damon Williams, Maidstone


Paul Kilminster, Maidstone


Andy Hay, Maidstone

Good luck to the team, and to everyone involved with the club.

Andrew Barnes, Bedford

Good luck Maidstone. Looking forward to seeing new stand.

Andy and Luke Reeves, Maidstone


Steve Brawn, Chatham

Onwards and upwards.

Ray Mepstead, Maidstone

Onwards and upwards.

Ray Mepstead, Maidstone


Sean Scurr, Maidstone


Darren Tong, Auckland

Contributing to a glorious future.

Bev Beale, Maidstone

Onwards and upwards.

Paul Gilbert, Maidstone

Good luck to Maidstone United – Div 2 next year.

Ian Cawley, Maidstone

Stones Stones Stones Stones Stones

Lee Abbott, Maidstone

Good luck Maidstone in the National League!

Toria, Ashford

Following you home and away – good luck to the Mighty Stones!

Kana Cook, Ashford

From Alliance Premier League, Football League and bust, from Kent County League and all the way back up to National League, to keeping the club going in exile to Bring The Stones Home, Buy a Seat, Buy a Brick and now Stand Up for the Stones, the journey has been memorable.  Come on You Stones!

Bryan, Angela & Amber Reed, Maidstone

Good luck in the National Conference.

Luke O'Sullivan, East Malling

Continue to build on the success of the last few years.

Colin Woodcock, Maidstone

Come on you Stones.

Tony Verrell, Chatham

Let’s hit the target and get this stand built.

Brian Simons, Aylesford

Come on you Stones

Leonard Samme, Maidstone

Come on you Stones

Geoffrey Samme, Maidstone


Duncan Lewis, Maidstone

We are very pleased to be able to help the Stones.

Keith and Pat Chapman, Ashford


Barry Ward, Maidstone


Malcolm Ward, Maidstone

Come On You Stones.

Stewart Edmed, London

Just wanted to do my bit. It’s my 40th season this year, my 1st game being in 1976 with my dad. We won 7-1 and I have been hooked ever since.

Paul Harper, Chatham

Back where we belong!

Graham Andrew, London

Good luck for the forthcoming season. Another promotion?

Matt Hall, Maidstone

Good luck Stones, can’t wait to see the new stand!

Luke & Hannah Boniface, Romney Marsh

Well done and thanks to Terry, Oliver, Bill, Jay and the boys. Let’s keep battling lads, we are very proud of you. COYS.

Richard & Kathy Boniface, Aldeburgh

Good luck as always from all the Gooners in the Maidstone Arsenal Supporters Club.

Frank Stubbs, Maidstone

I was at the last match at the old London Road ground, it feels great to help with this new one.

Darren Jalland, Falkirk

The future generations of supporters will enjoy the big time with Maidstone United.

Cameron & Austin Price, West Malling

Let’s get the money raised for this amazing stand to be put in place at our fantastic ground! COYS.

Annie & Chris, Maidstone

All teams start equal. Money spent on players does not mean you get the cream. So money spent on a new stand is a good investment. STONES – KEEP ROLLING!!!!!.

Ricky Holloway 'Holly', Maidstone

Building a legacy.

Stuart Potter, Maidstone

Come on you Stones.

Mike Birke, Maidstone


Paul Green, Bideford

Good luck to the Stones for a fantastic new stand and season to come. I am making my donation in memory of my late husband Phil Sweatman.

Judie Sweatman, Maidstone

Football League here we come – again! COYS!

Ian Shaw, Maidstone

Come on you stones

Thomas Fryer (the monopoly man), Tonbridge

Come on you Stones!

Sue Adkinson, Maidstone

Come on you Stones!

Sue Adkinson, Maidstone

Three promotions in just four seasons. Fantastic. Come on you Stones!

Keith Adkinson, Maidstone


Stewart Smith, Snodland

Best of luck with the fund raising and come on you Stones!

Keith Chapman, Snodland

Good luck to the team and the ongoing improvements to the Gallagher for the 2016-17 season. If everyone pulls together 100% it should be another positive season.

Peter Reynolds, London


Andrew Arnold, Barnet

So proud of how far the club has come in the last few years. Thanks to Jay and the team for making this happen.

Paul Bond, Maidstone


Stephen Rixon, Maidstone


Paul Parkinson, Maidstone

Pleased to make a small contribution the new stand, can’t wait to see it full to capacity. COYS !

Bob Foster, Maidstone

The least I can do to show the extra support needed for the club that has been in my blood for the past 30 years. Here’s to the next 30 years!

Shaun Dean, Maidstone

Let’s keep moving forwards! COYS.

Danny Cleugh, Maidstone

Good luck in The National – keep up the good work.

John Bland, Maidstone


Amy Browne, Maidstone

Showing our support for Maidstone United, as a seated season ticket holder and a player sponsor last season and hopefully again this season. It doesn’t seem enough to what United have achieved for Maidstone since coming back to the town. Well done team and keep up the great work, long may it continue to grow. COYS.

Kent PAT Testing & Electrical Supplies Ltd, Snodland

Keep up the good work.

Michael Bushnell, Maidstone

Can’t wait to see the stand up and running, full of supporters making a lot of noise.

Matt Walikfond, Weybridge

To help the Stones rise from the ashes

Keith Lewis, Minster

A fantastic looking stand. Good luck with reaching the target. Well done to Terry and Oliver for delivering the goods time after time. We have a club to be proud of!

Austin Byrne, Maidstone


Bob Kennett, Maidstone

Supporting the community. COYS.

Richard Young, Maidstone


Guy Baker, Maidstone

Come on you Stones!

Cameron Thomas, Tonbridge

Up the Stones

Michael Wilson, Sittingbourne

Huge thanks to Terry and Oliver for all that they have done. COYS!

David Sleight, Glasgow


Ash Bright, Iwade

Come on you Stones! A Club to be proud of.

Lee Branchett, Maidstone

Can’t wait to see the new look Gallagher Stadium next year.

Tim W, Maidstone

Looking forward to seeing the next stages of the ground development take place, well done to Terry/Oliver/Bill for bringing us this far and putting the club on a sustainable footing for the future.

Alan Goodman, Sanderstead

The next stage of an amazing adventure!

Dave Machin, Hook

Happy to contribute a small amount towards our new stand. Every little bit helps.

Trevor Brockway, Maidstone

The owners and directors deserve our support for all the work and financial commitment they have given in getting the Stones not only back in Maidstone but climbing the through the leagues over the past few years.

Norman Coppock, Macclesfield

Soon be in Europe!

Jason King, Maidstone

Help propel the Stones up the football league.

Jeff Lewis, Margate

For our present and future fans.

Tom Foulds, Maidstone

Fantastic to see the ground developing.

Alan Beale, Maidstone

Come on, Maidstone.

Nick, Maidstone

Always a pleasure to support the Stones in any way. Onwards & Upwards.

Mike Franklin, Cranbrook

Good luck to the Stones for the coming season. Proud to be a new season ticket holder. COYS.

Linda Harrild, Paddock Wood

I am proud to support the Stones in the expansion on the new stand

Jed Pearson, Sittingbourne

Building for the future.

Paul Garner, Maidstone

Come on you Stones!

Richard Fryer, Tonbridge

I’m quite new here but already know that Maidstone United is a forward-looking, well-run football club looking to do the very best for its supporters. It fully deserves to go from strength to strength and I firmly believe it will. I’m very glad to help in a small way.

Michael Shea, Maidstone

Stand up and stay up.

Bob Haward, Gillingham

Stand tall with the Mighty Stones.

Graeme Bridgland, Maidstone

Up the Stones.

Stel, West Malling


holysmokes66, West Malling

Good luck in the National League.

Andrew Dixon, Basingstoke